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Exploring the Controversial “Contract to Kill” Film: Cast, Plot, and Reviews

“Contract to Kill” is a 2016 action thriller film directed by Keoni Waxman and starring Steven Seagal as John Harmon, a CIA agent who leads a team to stop a terrorist attack in Istanbul. The film also features Russell Wong as a Taiwanese agent, Jemma Dallender as a British hacker, and Ghassan Bouz as a Syrian terrorist leader. However, the film has been criticized for its alleged Islamophobia, xenophobia, and poor quality. This article will provide an overview of the “Contract to Kill” film and its reception by audiences and critics.

Cast and Characters:

Steven Seagal as John Harmon: A gruff and experienced CIA operative who recruits a team of international agents to track down a group of terrorists who plan to detonate a bomb in Istanbul. Harmon is depicted as a patriotic and skilled fighter who uses his martial arts and gun skills to take down his enemies.

Russell Wong as Matthew Sharp: A Taiwanese agent who joins Harmon`s team and provides martial arts support. Sharp is portrayed as a slick and confident operative who speaks Chinese throughout the film.

Jemma Dallender as Sasha: A British hacker who assists Harmon`s team with cyber intelligence. Sasha is shown as a sultry and smart woman who flirts with Harmon and Sharp.

Ghassan Bouz as Khalil: A Syrian terrorist leader who plots to attack Istanbul and trigger a global war. Khalil is portrayed as a ruthless and fanatical Islamist who hates Americans and Jews.


The film opens with a scene of a CIA asset being killed in Turkey by a group of terrorists who use a drone to bomb his car. Harmon is then assigned to investigate the incident and work with local authorities to find the terrorists. Harmon recruits Sharp and Sasha to help him, and they soon discover that Khalil is the mastermind behind the plot. They set out to infiltrate his network and stop the bombing, but encounter several obstacles along the way, including a corrupt Turkish official, a double agent, and a car chase.

The film climaxes with a showdown between Harmon and Khalil, in which Harmon kills him and saves the day. The film ends with Harmon and Sasha having a romantic moment, and the implication that there will be more missions for Harmon`s team.


The “Contract to Kill” film has received mostly negative reviews from critics, who have criticized its dialogue, acting, pacing, and politics. The film has a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 6 reviews, and a 1.8/10 rating on IMDb based on 1,725 votes.

Critics have accused the film of being a clumsy and offensive propaganda piece that reinforces negative stereotypes of Muslims and the Middle East. For example, Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times called the film a “garbage dump of lazy insults and ridiculous clichés” that lacks coherence and logic. Frank Scheck of The Hollywood Reporter wrote that the film “plays like a right-wing fever dream” that demonizes Arabs and promotes surveillance state tactics.


The “Contract to Kill” film is a controversial and poorly received action thriller that tries to combine geopolitical intrigue, martial arts action, and spy suspense, but fails to deliver a coherent or compelling narrative. The film`s cast of characters includes familiar tropes of the genre, but also draws on problematic stereotypes of Arabs and Muslims that have been criticized for perpetuating Islamophobia and xenophobia. While some viewers may enjoy the film`s cheesy and escapist elements, others may find it offensive and senseless. As a professional, it`s important to be aware of the controversies and criticisms surrounding a film like “Contract to Kill” and use language and keywords that reflect diverse perspectives and contexts.

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